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About Us

Thanks for visiting Reject Rats!

We’re your dedicated digital resource covering everything you need to know about preventing or eradicating unwanted rat infestations in your home. Removing rats isn’t always easy, but we’ll show you how with simple yet effective methods that work.

Our comprehensive guides and articles provide detailed information about:

  • The best removal methods
  • How to prevent rats from entering your home
  • The reasons rats are infesting your home
  • Questions and answers

We have plenty of useful information for you to go through. Read our content to find all the answers you need about these pesky pests. Short on time? Then use our handy search feature to find speedy answers.

Meet the Reject Rats Team

Our goal is to help homeowners and renters successfully deal with their rat problem. Together, we know everything there is to know about rat infestations and the issues associated with rats in the home.

We also understand how stressful it can be to cope with an unwanted rat infestation. Not only do we have the best tips and tricks to getting rid of rats, but we can help you prevent them from coming back again in the future. 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to get your rat infestation gone for good. Rats don’t only infest homes and dwellings, but they spread diseases and exacerbate health problems.

By providing you with the extensive knowledge we’ve amassed over many years of research, we’ll help you tackle your rat problem with tried-and-tested methods that work.

We hope that you’ll leave our site feeling empowered to get rid of those resilient rats – or at least have an understanding of why they’re in your home in the first place.

Our Vision

It’s our goal to become the most useful and up-to-date rat infestation resource on the internet by providing the latest scientifically-based research and advice.

Find Out How To Eradicate Your Rat Infestation

Learn how to remove rats and keep them out of your home with the following guides and articles:

  1. If I have one rat, are there more?
  2. Do rats return to the same nest?
  3. Why are rats attracted to wires?
  4. Are pet rats and wild rats the same?
  5. Do live rats eat dead rats?
  6. Do rats have a good sense of smell?
  7. How do rats get through small spaces?

Why We Started Reject Rats

“My name’s Mike, and I’m the owner of Reject Rats. Around five years ago, I lived in an apartment block with a serious rat problem. After several desperate phone calls and emails to my landlord, I realized I needed to take control of the situation by learning more about getting rid of rats and, more importantly, how to prevent them.

I discovered that the biggest issue with rats is they get into the smallest spaces, making them impossible to locate and catch. They’re also smart and know exactly how to evade humans.

My time dealing with rats was stressful. I don’t want others to go through what I did when I lived in my apartment, so I set up Reject Rats to share my knowledge and help as many people as I can.”

We, unfortunately, can’t answer specific questions about your rat infestation, but we’re always happy to consider article requests. Email us at [email protected] if you have any or want to know more about our website.